Speeding Demon

It's ridiculous, never had i dreamt that i will be summoned for speeding riding such a tiny miserable bike !

I hereby declared that KPE is meant to be a trap.

Firstly, when entering KPE from AYE, we are already travelling in an expressway at a speed of about 80-90km/hr, some bigger cc vehicles might be zooming at ard 100-110km/hr. Its very difficult to slow down while we are in another expressway to 70km/hr.

Secondly, this expressway is so new, relatively less traffic, i understand the concern is that it is underground, and should accident happen, traffic will clog up & get congested. But...that's the disadvantage of having an underground expressway, accidents bound to happen anyway, why reduce it to 70km/hr ? Accidents will still happen at any speed, so be reasonable, i feel 80km/hr is alright, and there will be a leeway of 15km/hr for deviation. I'm very sure my miserable bike can go at most 90km/hr and will be coughing if i go up till 100km/hr. Which means, this stupid camera doesn't set a leeway, it will shoot u once u are above 70km/hr. The rules of the game is that, they will summon u if u exceed by 20km/hr. So, i must be caught travelling at 90km/hr zun zun lor ~ 妈的....no leeway.

Talking about the camera, till now i still cant figure out where that stupid camera is hiding !!! At least those at ECP, or minor roads like Yishun, it is highly visible. The warning signs of Speed Camera is also sooooo small, on the left side of the tunnel, its really small if u compare with other speed camera warning signs. Man In Blue once said, setting up speed camera is NOT to catch people, the main purpose is to PREVENT accident from happen as that locations where they placed cameras are accident prone. KPE so new they already know is accident prone ?

Suay....~ this dec 2007 is damn suay, tyre punctured 4 times already, now plus this summon ~ Hiaz ~ must go Wat Palelai to 冲花水 ~


At 5:14 pm, Blogger jerryshe said...

wa lau, so suay to kanna such summon. How much was the fine? Thanks for your summon that i now know i must stay below 90km/h. I think 80km/hr shld be alright

At 3:41 pm, Blogger MaxOnline said...

$150 6 demerit points. ECP those camera is ok, i normally sped tru 100km/hr. But KPE gotta be extra careful, i saw many vehicles kena already.


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