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Now start to view all other friend's blog and saw this article, its very interesting. Try it !

True Fitness + Toshiba Laptop

My company has changed to True Fitness, supposed to announce it to everyone in July -August but due to reason below didnt do that. Hardcore managment so we gotta work extra hard. I do not actually mind b'cos i m working in sales, working extra hard will only means earning more bucks, unlike in AssAF where your pay is fixed, no point working so hard. Every 10th and April, July & Dec got bonus can already.

The main reason why i didnt update my blog is tat my desktop had been giving me tremondous trouble time and time again ! Eventually, through the advice of Jason C, got myself a laptop which offers convenience and can connect to my large LCD Monitor to view my variety shows.

Went over to SLS on a weekday afternoon, after 10mins of 'loitering', got this Toshiba Satellite M300 Laptop. Windows Vista suck big time, super slow. Advice for other users not to buy something preloaded with Vista, knn slow. Damage $1299 after gst with bag + laptop cooler.

Uploaded hundreds of photos from my phone to laptop. Its so scary carrying loads of photos in my mobile without any place to backup. FYI, lost my mobile during the period of time when i can't transfer photos to PC, luckily was returned back to me.

Stay tuned, will subsquently upload pics that had happen so far !


New Industry

Planet FitnessYes...these few months haven been blogging, neither updating any events. dats b'cos i was slacking at home after i quit my job in PSA after enduring 7 months...
I dislike shift work and hate being rostered. I hate having to work during public holidays and weekends. Worse in PSA is that there's overnight shift duties which you have to stay awake and vigilant throughout !
This clearly interfers with my gyming activities, pubbing activities or watching my variety shows. So i, in search of my 5 days office hours work week, obviously in vain after so many months, i found myself landed into Planet Fitness again !
This time round i didnt apply as Personal Trainer, i decided to do sales. I chose Planet over California, cos Cali is really like a junk place for kids to workout in now. Didnt try Fitness First cos i suppose i wont get so lucky, of course if i can choose, i would want to work in Sky Fitness @ HarbourFront.
Anyway, this is AGAIN a rostered, no weekends or holidays job. But at least no overnight duties, at least i can use the gym, at least there are pretty customer service girls, sales meimei and female customers ! Its gonna be a hell lot of difference working in the Navy / PSA.
Wish me luck...hope to stay long in this line, but i will also try my hardest to find myself a post where i need not work shift and weekends...


CNY Greetings

Early Greetings by CelebertiesIts my pleasure again to get Edison and his fling to wish everyone a happy chinese new year !!!
His set of full photos will not be posted here as i believe most people would have already seen it or knew where to get it from ! Haha....


Variety Shows

2007 Most Watched Variety Shows

It has been concluded that the latest trend in watching variety shows are those that positioned themselves as 'Talk Shows' (谈话性节目). And the most popular type of shows which the younger generation loves to watch are those singing or talent competition shows.

I strongly believe the variety show, 超级星光大道 currently in their 2nd series, recently this starting year announced they will be recruiting Singapore & other countries contestants for their 3rd series competition, will become a major attention seeker contest in all chinese countries.

Meanwhile, let me conclude my most watched Top 3 variety shows in 2007. Top of the spot goes to.....我爱黑涩会 !
A talk show with 黑人as the host, sometimes accompanied by assistant 大牙 or 小香. Anyway, most importantly for readers here will be photos, guess for those who loves variety shows will already know about this show. Need no more introduction.

I didnt post those pixs which are screenshots in their recording studio when they are filming, cos those shots are always shown on air every weekdays if you watch it on tv. I rather post some live outside pixs for all to view.
Both pixs above and below is 米恩, one of my many favourites in the show. Second upcoming should be a newcomer 小华 which perhaps next time then i will post her pix.
I will leave it to sharp eye SHE to guess who this 米恩 resembles.
When 米恩 was 16years old when she entered the show...and look how she look like when she is now 19years old...

Number 2 spot goes to 康熙来了,talkshow with Selina as co-host as 小S just finished giving 2nd birth now shld be doing her 月子。
周日八点党 has a segment call 躲猫猫 which is my personal favourite as well as GE, had saved into DVD for her cos this show each episode takes up about 600-800mb of space.


Speeding Demon

It's ridiculous, never had i dreamt that i will be summoned for speeding riding such a tiny miserable bike !

I hereby declared that KPE is meant to be a trap.

Firstly, when entering KPE from AYE, we are already travelling in an expressway at a speed of about 80-90km/hr, some bigger cc vehicles might be zooming at ard 100-110km/hr. Its very difficult to slow down while we are in another expressway to 70km/hr.

Secondly, this expressway is so new, relatively less traffic, i understand the concern is that it is underground, and should accident happen, traffic will clog up & get congested. But...that's the disadvantage of having an underground expressway, accidents bound to happen anyway, why reduce it to 70km/hr ? Accidents will still happen at any speed, so be reasonable, i feel 80km/hr is alright, and there will be a leeway of 15km/hr for deviation. I'm very sure my miserable bike can go at most 90km/hr and will be coughing if i go up till 100km/hr. Which means, this stupid camera doesn't set a leeway, it will shoot u once u are above 70km/hr. The rules of the game is that, they will summon u if u exceed by 20km/hr. So, i must be caught travelling at 90km/hr zun zun lor ~ 妈的....no leeway.

Talking about the camera, till now i still cant figure out where that stupid camera is hiding !!! At least those at ECP, or minor roads like Yishun, it is highly visible. The warning signs of Speed Camera is also sooooo small, on the left side of the tunnel, its really small if u compare with other speed camera warning signs. Man In Blue once said, setting up speed camera is NOT to catch people, the main purpose is to PREVENT accident from happen as that locations where they placed cameras are accident prone. KPE so new they already know is accident prone ?

Suay....~ this dec 2007 is damn suay, tyre punctured 4 times already, now plus this summon ~ Hiaz ~ must go Wat Palelai to 冲花水 ~


Happy 2008 ! Huat Ah !!!

~ Michelle Chia Cheers for Max ~

Buddhismandbooze is honoured to have Michelle Chia to cheer for him on the 1st day of 2008, which he again overslept without cheoing...~


Merry Christmas

超級星光大道 第二季
Slept thru my christmas eve while trying to chase 超級星光大道 2 episodes. Taiwan singing competition is really creative in creating different themes for these singers to compete against each other.

More creatively is they even from dunno elsewhere, drag in super good singers who are relatively unknown to PK these last standing 6 competitors ! And the most scary part is, these challengers once a while will PKed out the competitors !

My fav competitor was 魏如昀 above, 23yrs old being PKed out by the girl on the left called Alisa, think she came from US & won singing awards there. 魏如昀 was singing her self created song If I Could which i feel the song is well written.

Second fav competitor was 黄美珍, the pic below shows her PKed by a 7yrs old little boy. To view this episode, u can use YouTube to view it.

My last fav copetitor was 李千哪 (below), who frequently uses hokkien songs to get pass each stage. The main reason why i keep on using WAS is bcos all of them were been kicked out from the last 10 round. Just finished downloading the Dec 28th episode, gotta go catch it again !