True Fitness + Toshiba Laptop

My company has changed to True Fitness, supposed to announce it to everyone in July -August but due to reason below didnt do that. Hardcore managment so we gotta work extra hard. I do not actually mind b'cos i m working in sales, working extra hard will only means earning more bucks, unlike in AssAF where your pay is fixed, no point working so hard. Every 10th and April, July & Dec got bonus can already.

The main reason why i didnt update my blog is tat my desktop had been giving me tremondous trouble time and time again ! Eventually, through the advice of Jason C, got myself a laptop which offers convenience and can connect to my large LCD Monitor to view my variety shows.

Went over to SLS on a weekday afternoon, after 10mins of 'loitering', got this Toshiba Satellite M300 Laptop. Windows Vista suck big time, super slow. Advice for other users not to buy something preloaded with Vista, knn slow. Damage $1299 after gst with bag + laptop cooler.

Uploaded hundreds of photos from my phone to laptop. Its so scary carrying loads of photos in my mobile without any place to backup. FYI, lost my mobile during the period of time when i can't transfer photos to PC, luckily was returned back to me.

Stay tuned, will subsquently upload pics that had happen so far !


At 5:29 am, Blogger jerryshe said...

go get more RAM for your laptop. It's damn cheap now. I upgraded mine to 4 GB. what a breeze

At 10:07 am, Blogger MaxOnline said...

isit ?....but u using windows vista ? i thought 3GB is sufficient.

At 10:50 pm, Blogger jerryshe said...

i am using vista also. 1 slot is 2 gb,so i bought 2.


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