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2007 Most Watched Variety Shows

It has been concluded that the latest trend in watching variety shows are those that positioned themselves as 'Talk Shows' (谈话性节目). And the most popular type of shows which the younger generation loves to watch are those singing or talent competition shows.

I strongly believe the variety show, 超级星光大道 currently in their 2nd series, recently this starting year announced they will be recruiting Singapore & other countries contestants for their 3rd series competition, will become a major attention seeker contest in all chinese countries.

Meanwhile, let me conclude my most watched Top 3 variety shows in 2007. Top of the spot goes to.....我爱黑涩会 !
A talk show with 黑人as the host, sometimes accompanied by assistant 大牙 or 小香. Anyway, most importantly for readers here will be photos, guess for those who loves variety shows will already know about this show. Need no more introduction.

I didnt post those pixs which are screenshots in their recording studio when they are filming, cos those shots are always shown on air every weekdays if you watch it on tv. I rather post some live outside pixs for all to view.
Both pixs above and below is 米恩, one of my many favourites in the show. Second upcoming should be a newcomer 小华 which perhaps next time then i will post her pix.
I will leave it to sharp eye SHE to guess who this 米恩 resembles.
When 米恩 was 16years old when she entered the show...and look how she look like when she is now 19years old...

Number 2 spot goes to 康熙来了,talkshow with Selina as co-host as 小S just finished giving 2nd birth now shld be doing her 月子。
周日八点党 has a segment call 躲猫猫 which is my personal favourite as well as GE, had saved into DVD for her cos this show each episode takes up about 600-800mb of space.


At 2:45 pm, Blogger jerryshe said...

me too love all these variety shows from taiwan as well. The host tend to be more vocal and do not have much restriction as compared to our local ones that have strict media regulations.

And they truly captured the mind of viewers, show what people want to watch and not u think people may like to watch. you should get what i meant.


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